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Chicago [Brian Scratch Vox v1]
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An early demo of I Fight Dragons’ song “Chicago” from The Near Future

Project Atma / The Near Future Manufacturing and Release Date Update

I just received this kickstarter update which explains why the album release is being pushed back to December 9th. I encourage everyone to watch this video and continue to give the band your full support. And for those of you who did back the kickstarter, you’ll be able to download another song from their upcoming album called ‘Chicago’

I Fight Dragons - Pretend 

From their upcoming album ‘The Near Future’

Exactly one month until the release of The Near Future!!


Check out our interview with I Fight Dragons!

In this interview, I Fight Dragons tells us about the success of their Kickstarter for their new album “The Near Future”, what it was like working with Noam Wallenberg of Rax Trax Recording, the graphic novel accompaniment for “The Near Future”, and more!

I Fight Dragons Concert Photos:

September 16th is the release date for The Near Future!!

A bit of sad news…

The following was posted to the Project ATMA blog on February 25, 2014. Clearly I have been living under a rock because I completely missed this. (or maybe it’s my brain in denial).

Fellow slashers of soaring skybeasts,

I write you today with bittersweet news.

The good news is that Bill has finally completed his first solo album as Will Post, and it is ridiculously, amazingly, stunningly, mind-splittingly awesome. It’s out today, and everyone should pick up a copy and listen right now: Will Post – “Panthenon” on iTunes. Trust me, your ears and your heart will thank you.

However, there is hard news that comes along with this. Bill feels that his solo project needs his full focus right now, and thus he has decided to leave IFD for the time being and will not be joining us on our forthcoming album “The Near Future” or on this summer’s Warped Tour.

We respect his decision 100%, and he made it clear to us a while ago, giving us plenty of notice, so he is not leaving us in a bad spot, and album production remains on schedule (meaning it will be out this summer before we head out on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour).

Now, I want to turn the reins over to the man himself, who has asked us to share some words with you:

Fellow Dragon Fighters, 

Bill here. I write to you today with a hopeful and determined heart. I have spent the past six years or so engaged in the mighty quest of giant lizard battling, and it has come time for my own quest to take a different path. I hear the call of strange worlds yet unknown and demons yet unseen, and must summon the courage to answer it and depart this merry band of my beloved travelers. 

I carry with me the lessons learned from many battles with my brave brethren – battles that have taken me from coast to coast, from major label board rooms to sold out stages. I carry with me the fond memories of befriending so many of you on our journeys, and of recording beautiful music with my best friends.

And even though my path departs, I will always consider myself one of the noble Dragon Fighters, and hope that our allied clans will continue to battle for balance in the universe.

It has been an honor and a privilege to fight with you these past years. If you’re interested in following me on my journey, you can join me and my new moniker, Will Post, at

- Bill

Bill will be greatly missed, it has been an absolute honor to share the studio and the stage with this man for the past 6 years, to learn and grow with him, and his contributions to us as bandmates and as brothers can’t be overstated.

So please, go check out the ridiculously good Will Post album “Panthenon,” out today, and of course, we remain hard at work on our new album “The Near Future”, which will be coming out early this summer in advance of our cross-country quest on the Vans Warped Tour.

Your friendly neighborhood Dragon Fighters,

Brian, Hari, Chad, Packy, and Bill

TLDR: Bill has decided to leave the band to pursue his solo career. 

As a side note it feels kinda weird to have to remove him from the members page but, oh well…

So my flexi disc came in the mail today. I’d love to listen to it but I’ve got to find a record player first.

So my flexi disc came in the mail today. I’d love to listen to it but I’ve got to find a record player first.

4.5 hours later…
I hope you can tell who’s who

4.5 hours later…

I hope you can tell who’s who